terça-feira, 17 de março de 2015

Weather - Writing

Have you ever had a serious problem because of severe weather? Wouldn't you like to share your experience with us? Write about a time the weather affected your life. Include 2 or 3 comparisons,  using "like", "as if" and "as...as..."

segunda-feira, 16 de março de 2015

Juno: Video Activity - Unreal Conditional

This is a great movie. Teenage pregnancy is dealt with in a creative, different manner. My students had a lot to say about it. I used it to practice the second conditional in a contextualized manner.

I. Watch the movie segment and answer the following questions in groups:

1. Describe what happened in the segment.

2. What was her mother's reaction?

3. What was her father's reaction?

4. What was her friend's reaction?

5. What did Juno say she was going to do? Do you like her idea? What do you think will happen next?

6. What would you do if...? Make sure you use the 2nd Conditional.

If you were Juno?
If I were Juno, I would ...........................

If you were Juno's best friend?

If you were Juno's parents?
If you were the father of the baby?

If you were the foster parents to whom Juno promised to give the baby away.

II. Now imagine the same situation Juno is facing, but consider the father's situation below. What should the father of the baby do if:

- he were under aged too

- If he were under aged too, he should ...

- he were over 18

- he were over 40

- he were married

- Juno denied to reveal the father's identity